Analyze your entire watershed or body of water for blue-green algae, phosphorus and aquatic vegetation for as little as $250.

  • Wow... We would be foolish not to acquire additional imagery.

    — James C., BP (British Petroleum)

  • It's a real bargain if you're trying to do comprehensive lake sampling

    — Frank Pickett, PPL Montana

  • We were impressed. We'll use you guys again.

    — Jim Britton, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

  • Your results allowed us a lake wide perspective

    — Ed Cheslak, PG&E

  • We used Blue Water imagery to help us target applications

    — Terry McNabb, Aquatechnex

The Threats to Water

Cyanobacteria in water lake image analysis

Blue-green algae

Cyanobacteria, most commonly known as blue-green algae, is invading the world’s water supply and producing toxins that are dangerous to human health and can be fatal for children and animals. The detection of blue-green algae, its location, its concentrations, its sources, its catalyst (widely considered to be phosphorus) and its history in bodies of water [...]

Chlorophyll-a image analysis

Aquatic Vegetation

Chlorophyll-a is the common component of aquatic vegetation that is increasingly choking our waterways.  Chlorophyll-a is a specific form of chlorophyll, the pigment found in all algae and plants and used in oxygenic photosynthesis.  When sunlight strikes chlorophyll-a  it emits a unique spectral reflectant curve that we are able to analyze with satellite imagery. This photosynthetic pigment is essential for photosynthesis in cyanobacteria, [...]

Phosphorous in Western Lake Erie


The food that feeds naturally occurring plants such as blue-green algae (also known as cyanobacteria) and aquatic vegetation (any aquatic plant with the pigment chlorophyll-a), but causes them to grow wildly out of control and ultimately cause fish kills and serious ecosystem damage, is rapidly finding its way from point and non-point sources into our streams, [...]

Polluted Lakes in the News

  • Massive Blue-Green Algae Bloom: Satellite Imagery Shows Steady Decrease in Lake Erie Water Quality and Increase of Cyanobacteria

    Lake Erie 2013

    Satellite Imagery Shows Steady Decrease in Lake Erie Water Quality and Increase of Cyanobacteria BOWLING GREEN, OH–(Marketwired – Oct 15, 2013) – Blue Water Satellite, a Bowling Green, OH, company that uses advanced satellite imagery and patented image processing is today releasing a time series of images from 1994 to 2013 showing the dramatic decrease [...]

  • Blue Water Satellite blue-green algae water quality analysis 01/02/2013

    Lake Albert, Australia

    Lake Albert in Wagga Wagga, Australia has been declared by the City of Wagga Wagga as “unsuitable for contact” and an “action mode level of RED” with regard to blue-green algae for the sampling analysis date of March 11, 2013. Blue Water Satellite analyzed the Lake Albert for blue-green algae on satellite image dates of [...]

  • Blue Water Satellite: Chlorophyll-a scan, Lake Victoria Eastern end (Muhoro Bay), Kenya

    Lake Victoria

    Lake Victoria is the second largest freshwater lake in the world, second only to Lake Superior in North America, based on surface area, measuring roughly 210 miles long by 150 miles wide (68,000 km2). It is 3,720 ft. (1,134 m) above sea level, contains around 3,000 islands and is shared by the bordering countries of [...]

  • Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon

    Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon

    Blue-green algae has been a problem in the Klamath Basin in Northern California and corresponding Upper Klamath Lake in Southern Oregon for decades.  Upper Klamath Lake is a large and shallow body of water that can be ideal for blue-green algae and aquatic vegetation blooms because nutrients that sink to the bottom are re-suspended easily in such shallow [...]

  • Lake Erie Aug. 28, 2012: Blue-green algae analyzed image by Blue Water Satellite, Inc.

    Lake Erie

    When tens-of-thousands of dead fish washed ashore along Lake Erie beaches over Labor Day weekend 2012, analysts were quick to point out it was due to a natural temperature inversion bringing an oxygen depleted layer of water closer to the surface.  And, that seemed to be the end of the story. However, proprietary satellite images [...]

  • LA_PigeonLake_blue-green algae

    Pigeon Lake, Alberta, Canada

    On Sunday July 22, 2012, thousands of dead fish washed onto the shore of Ma-Me-O beach on the southern end of Pigeon Lake.  Blue-green algae was thought to be the culprit, but it wasn’t until July 27th, 5 days after thousands of fished died in the lake, that a warning was issued by the Alberta [...]

  • Salamonie Lake Reservoir Cyanobacteria Analysis

    Salamonie Reservoir, Indiana

    The Salamonie Reservoir has been in the news recently because a couple brought four of their dogs to the reservoir to play and, after swimming in the water, two of the dogs died within 24 hours and the other two dogs are still alive, but are suffering from liver failure and are being fed medication [...]

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